Customise your teddy

Remembrance Teddy™ has super soft fur and is 50cm tall (32cm sitting). It is customised with a special message embroidered onto the pad of the teddy’s foot. Your Remembrance Teddy™ will arrive with its own ‘In Memory of’ Certificate and is beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and packaged in a special box. Your teddy will be delivered within approximately 28 days.

Traditional Remembrance Teddy™ with Pink ribbon

Price: $65.00 incl GST

Paw 1

Please enter either the name of the person this teddy is being given to and their date of birth. For example:

Paw messageLine 1: Maryanne
Line 2: Ashworth
Line 3: 3/06/07

Or you can enter your own special message.

Paw messageLine 1: Merry Christmas
Line 2: Henry
Line 3: Love Grandma

Please enter your message below.

Important: Maximum 15 characters per line, including spaces. If you want your message to go on two lines, use Line1 and Line2.

Enter the details that you would like embroidered on the paw of your teddy, using CAPITALS and lower case, if you wish. The bear will be embroidered EXACTLY this way.

Please double check to confirm these details are correct!

Message on teddy’s paw

Paw 2

Extra paw embroidery (+$15)